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injuries written in dust

so maybe they'll be forgotten when the wind blows

the Hatter
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Your Hair Wants Cutting!
and your neck could use a trim
i'm not good at meeting new people. they always want something, cigarettes, gas money, lighters, drugs. i have nothing to offer these people. not a smile, not a wink. i've got pills but they're mine. i've got thoughts and dreams but no one wants to listen and i haven't got a journal worth reading. not even a page worth saving. i have nothing on my vest. no badge of honor to display. no trophies. no family trips to brag about. no selfish habits to feed upon. i'm not dependent on chemicals or pleasures. i'm not using anyone for anything. i'm not going to pay you to be my fucking friend.

♥ - My name is the unimportant, but you can call me Ann.
♥ - I am 18 and I like to rant and write and rant some mor, usually about the injustices of the world, music, and other things I find rant-worthy.
♥ - I adore the following: music/fanfiction/writing/art/fanart/alice in wonderland/craziness/weird things/angst/tragedy/brand new/nightmare before christmas/life
♥ - I am who I am and I most definitely will not be hurt if you don't like me.
♥ - I like awkward moments and strawberry ice cream.
♥ - I am oh so unorganized.
for they are amazing enough to put up with my annoying erratic posting skills. =D

(゚、 。7
 l、 ~ヽ
this is Monsy, the kitten.
he likes eating babies...with barbecue sauce. (:

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